“If You Don’t Know Me By Now” – Aubrey

Released by Robbins Entertainment (BMG), this song went to #2 on the Billboard Radio Airplay charts. It also landed on the top 40 songs of the year on WKTU New York the year it was released.

“Standing Still” and “A Thing Like Me” were co-written and performed by an artist named Ineabell Diaz. I produced the tracks and played drums. These songs were licensed to Abercrombie and Fitch, NBC Sports, Mountain Dew, VH1 and MTV International.

“Standing Still”
“A Thing Like Me”

“Friday Night”, “Where Will I Be”, “My Time Is Now” and “Talk To You Later” were all produced by me for a very talented 11 year-old girl named Kayla Dumon.

“Friday Night”
“Where Will I Be”
“My Time Is Now”
“Talk to You Later”